Betriebsanleitung: Festplatte in HDD Caddy Orten

Manual - Add harddisk to HDD Caddy

Step 1 - Control
Make sure you have the following items:
  • Mini screwdriver;
  • Tool to fasten the hard drive or SSD;
  • O 2x internal screw;
  • O  (For a unibody MacBook HDD Caddy: 2 extra loose screws)
    Don’t have one or more of these parts? Please contact us via
Step 2 – Loosen screws
  • Loosen the screws on both sides as far as they can go, so that the screws on the inner side no longer protrude.
Step 3 – Removing the hard drive reinforcement tool
  • Put pressure on one side of the tool to remove it from the HDD Caddy.
Step 4 – Placing the hard drive
  • The hard drive can only fit in the HDD Caddy in one way. Slide the hard driven until it is firmly in place.
Step 5 – Replacing the hard drive reinforcement tool
  • This tool will also fit in only one way.

  • Press one side if the tool into the HDD Caddy and press down;

  • Make sure you cannot pull it up anymore.

Step 6 – Fastening the screws
  • Fasten the screws on both sides with the supplied screwdriver.

  • This was the last step. The HDD Caddy is now ready for placement in the laptop.