Manual: Frontplatte am HDD Caddy montieren

Manual - Add optical drive faceplate to HDD Caddy

Step 1 – Removing the optical disc drive from the laptop
  • Remove the optical drive from the laptop.
  • We have also written a manual on how to do this.
Step 2 – Get your supplies
  • O Use a Spudger (order with us), or a flat screwdriver;
  • O Optical drive;
  • O HDD Caddy;
  • O Paperclip or the like to open the optical drive.
Step 3 - open the optical drive
  • In the front of the optical drive is a small hole. Press inside with, for example, a paperclip to open the DVD player. A small screwdriver sometimes works as well.
Step 4 – Taking the front off the optical drive.
  • Use the flat side of the spudger (a screw driver is also possible) to press against the clip on the side of the optical drive. The front will now partially detach from the optical drive.
  • There is another clip on the bottom of the optical drive on the other side. Again, you can use a spudger to loosen the clip. If everything went okay, the front of the optical drive is now removed. Note: Sometimes it is necessary to press release 3 clips.
Step 5 – Placing the bezel on the optical drive
  • Work from left to right. The cover will not fit well otherwise.

  • Press the tab on the left into the hole in the HDD caddy. If it is secure, press the front down on the other side.

Step 6 - That was it!
  • Now it is time to place the HDD Caddy in the laptop. Please follow these instructions.